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Aug 11 2017

For anyone doing a Google search for nearby spas, you might be confused when you see the term “medical spa.” If you’ve ever wondered what a medical spa is, and how it differs from a regular spa, we want to help you understand those differences.  At Qwella we want you to be well-informed and excited to come in for your treatments with us! To begin, let’s define a medical spa.

What’s a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a place where you can receive medical skincare treatments that you wouldn’t be able to receive at a normal spa. At a medical spa you can tighten your skin, remove unwanted hair, and even decrease sweating! So instead of your average facial, manicure, or massage you can get treatments to help keep you looking your best for longer! Each of the treatments that we offer at Qwella Medical Spa are administered by a licensed professional with years of experience in nursing and injections.

Welcome to Qwella!

At Qwella, we are excited that we can provide medical treatments to help our clients feel as beautiful and confident as we know they already are. Qwella began when Dr. Sonntag, our plastic surgeon and medical director, thought it would be a great idea to provide a place where his patients could go to either continue or enhance the treatment they received in his office. Longtime friends, he asked Rainie Andrus and Stephanie Burr if they would like to own and operate a place like that.

And so Qwella Medical Spa was born! Opened in 2008, Rainie and Steph have operated the business with friendly and open customer service, helping their clients feel comfortable and un-intimidated by the procedures they offer. Qwella focuses on empowering women to look their best for whatever age they’re at. Women who are not trying to look fake or super young. Men are also encouraged to come in for any treatment or procedure they want as Qwella strives to make each customer feel like they received a good service, and that they can see a result every time they come. Qwella values being fair and informative about whatever you are signing up for.

At Qwella we have two operating rooms and one recovery room. In addition to providing a calm and inviting environment, we are very informative. We want you to be well-aware of what treatment you receive, as well as what you will experience after your treatment. Once you’ve decided which treatment is best for you, we will suggest the amount of treatments and the dosage that is best for you. We recognize that several, small-dosage treatments with regular maintenance are better than one big procedure. None of us will ever provide or administer a treatment or a dosage that we wouldn’t be comfortable receiving ourselves.

Let’s Get Started!

Hopefully this is a good starting point for you to check us out. If you want to correct fine lines or wrinkles, skin discoloration, or just want to hydrate your skin, give us a call at (801)-571-7710! Or you can check out our full list of face treatments here, with body treatments here. We look forward to welcoming you to the Qwella family!

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