Laser Hair Removal Demo on Channel 4

Oct 02 2016

Shaving can be such a hassle, but now there is a way to get silky smooth skin without a razor. Stephanie Burr from Qwella Medical Spa joined Good Things Utah to talk about the new laser hair removal technology that is less painful than ever. The treatment is 50% or less painful than older technology.  That is because Qwella’s lasers have a cooling gel tip.  The tip acts like an ice cube that numbs the skin before the laser fires.

Plus, the new laser head is covering more area and therefore makes the process go much quicker. The results that can be seen in a shorter amount of treatments than traditional laser hair removal. Depending on the person the results are seen with 4 to 10 treatments.  Older technology could take at least 8 to 16.

Watch the demo on Channel 4 below:

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