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IPL™ PhotoFacial

An IPL®(intense pulsed light) photofacial is an amazing treatment to fade imperfections of the skin such as age spots, freckles, small veins, redness, and acne. After each treatment you will notice an improvement in the look and texture of your skin. It also can be used to get rid of discolorations and birth marks. This treatments is used mainly on the face, chest, and hands, but can be used anywhere on the body.

During each photofacial, a machine is used to emit an intense light that deeply penetrates the layers of the skin. This light causes small veins and collagen to become restricted, making redness and age lines much less noticeable.

Immediately after the treatment, spots will initially turn darker. After a few weeks, these spots will fade or disappear. Some patients' skin may be slightly red for a several days after the procedure. For optimal results, each patient should receive 5 photofacial treatments, each roughly 3 weeks apart.

There is no recovery time required after a photofacial treatment. Patients can return to work and everyday activities immediately after the treatment is finished. Each treatment lasts roughly 30 minutes (depending on areas to be done).

There is often little or no discomfort during your photofacial treatment. Pain experienced by some patients is often described simply as 'the snap of a rubber on the skin'. Despite being very uncommon, there are still some risks associated with the IPL photofacial. These risks are often very minor and very temporary. These risks should be discussed by your skin care professional before treatments begin.

IPL® mhotofacials can be a very effective method for maintaining or regaining the health and beauty of your skin. Call our Utah Spa with any questions, or to set up a fee consultation.