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Acne Treatments and Products

Acne is a very serious issue can drastically affect the lives of both children and adults. Not only can acne deteriorate the physical appearance and health of your skin, but it can be very detrimental to your self esteem as well.

At Qwella Medical Spa, we have the experience and products necessary to effectively treat your acne. Our treatments will help reduce and eliminate existing acne, as well as prevent future acne breakouts. We also offer many facial treatments that can greatly reduce the appearance of existing acne scars, as well as prevent future scars from developing.

The treatments required for different patients depends on the severity of the acne. Often, we combine several different acne treatments to achieve the best results. Some of these treatments include: chemical peels, Iderm® galvanic facials, laser photofacials, and microdermabrasion treatments. We also carry a variety of skin care products that all help effectively kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and unclog pores.

We know that dealing with acne can be especially hard for teens. At our Utah spa we have put together a great low-cost acne treatment package, consisting of various treatments and products specifically designed for treating the acne of teenagers.

Adult acne often requires different treatment than that of teenagers. Qwella Medical Spa has similar acne treatment packages, specifically for adults.

Both of these packages have been specifically designed to be affordable for individuals and families. We want everyone to be completely confident in their physical appearance. Treating acne can greatly improve self-esteem, often leading to more confidence and success in both work and social situations.

Qwella Medical Spa is extremely experienced in dealing with the various acne problems experienced by patients of all ages. We offer many different acne treatment options and products to fit any schedule or budget. Call our Utah spa today to talk to a professional or to schedule your free acne treatment consultation.